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A Quick Overview of Web Language and Programming Language

ওয়েব প্রোগ্রামিং ভাষা

The World Wide Web is the soul of any public medium today. And it also becomes one of the most effective communication systems that widely adopted in every sphere of life. It just changes our life magically and the technology world is now passing its golden youth age…however, we don’t know what actually wait for us in the future (maybe something more impressive and valuable, I really wish for that).

And the new technology and web expression became a big factor for the market of the business world. Yes, now it is a proven truth that you win the market if you win the web as well in the world of technology.

My aim for this article is not convincing you to use new technology for your business, but in this article, I am going to share some simple guidelines for the people who want to build their carrier in Technology World.

I don’t want to build a long list of technology concept or strategy that you can implement for your business. (Because you may know about your words but I just want to share about the technique of using web language to express your own thought).

However, I am not a business strategist and the aim of this article is not acknowledge you about any business strategy, it is just aiming for the people who wondered and interested in the world of web design and web expression but unfortunately don’t know from where they can start.

Difference Between Web Language and Web Programming Language

Basically, web languages are just like some words, and web programming languages are like a brain. When we want to talk, our brain first thinks about it and arranges the words, and commands our mouth to express it. That is why we only hear the act of mouth and word but don’t see the act of the brain. Like a brain, a web programming language arranges the webpage when we request it by the web browser and express it with some web language. And we only see the HTML page, but don’t see or find any Php script in our web browser.

In other word, Web languages like HTML, CSS is read by web browsers but written by the script language like PHP,, etc. And the web servers are executing the script language and send it to the web browser as needed. So web programming language is just like a brain from where you can control your thoughts and the word what you want to express.

I think you are now pretty sure about the differences between web language and web programming language and we will discuss the techniques of learning them in our next article.