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Best Link Building Software for Directory Submission and Natural Links

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Today we will be talking about the Best Link Building Software for Directory Submission and gaining Natural Links for website. Search engine optimization is not a matter that is only related to websites and search engines. It is also related to other websites too. You can not be able to gain the expected page rank if your web page is not able to link with other related websites. Google considers a page as a trusted source based on its backlinks.

However, when you are going to build new links to your website, you need to look at the quality of the page that you are going to link. Remember that all links are not influenced by the page rank unless it is a do-follow link (Links that directly follow your web page or URL).

Google does not consider any link for page rank if it attributes with rel=’nofollow’). ‘Nofollow‘ links can bring visitors to your website, but they do not beneficial for Page Rank. So if you want to gain page rank, you just need to look for the way to gain do-follow links.

Here are some tips to get backlinks:

  1. Google prefers natural links. So, publish good quality contents that other websites are interested in linking to your content.
  2. Give the most priority to the resources that are used by many people and have some reputation in your niches. Some people’s saying that (I am not sure) 3 links from the PR9 website is equivalent to the 1000 links of the PR1 website. The more your resources are valuable, the more links will gain.
  3. Try to gain the links from valuable resources that is people use for a specific purpose. I always give priority to web directories… because people using these types of directories to find useful resources. If you want to gain a link from a trustworthy directory, always submit your website with a unique description and under the appropriate category.
  4. Be selective when you build backlinks. Try to gain links from at least PR-1 websites. There are many websites that offer you low-quality links, but these types of links are not beneficial even they can hurt your Page rank.

Here I am going to share some useful Link building Software that can make your link building process more comfortable. With the help of these tools, you can do much stuff within a few hours.


A powerful tool for Website directory submission. You can buy a lifetime license for only $28.95. It is a well-arranged software with a big list of directories; they frequently update their lists within every 7 days or less.

Internet Business Promoter:

Internet business promoter is a robust and reliable tool to create backlinks and checking other SEO matters. You can grab these tools for just $199 or test it for 30 days to submit your website in a lot of search engines and directories.

Fast Directory Submitter:

Fast directory submitter is a one-way link building tool that can help you to submit your website with more than 100 active web directories. However, the license of this tool is not available now. You can get the free version for testing.


With a lot of link building, the advantage LinkAssistant is let you create a high-quality web directory for your website and regularly update it without any extra effort. You can even measure your backlink quality and eliminate the bad links using this tool.

Ultimate demon:

Ultimatedemon is the no. 1 link building tool for all types of links. It is one of the most widely used and reliable subscription-based services that is made easier by your link building efforts.

Advanced Web Ranking Professional:

It is a cloud base software for link building and website audit solution. Not only link building you can do all critical SEO and SMM task here.


This software is handy for link building. You can also find a related website, blog, or directory using Linknabber. Linknabber uses a white hat method for link building.

These are the best software for link building that I found on the web. However, you can also find a lot of websites or services for measure, index, or build backlinks. Before deciding to buy any tools, use the trial version to decide it is the best tool for you or not. By the way, if you find any software that you think is needed to include or suggest to this list, feel free to notify us using the comment.