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Brand New Technology of Microsoft Launched in 2015

Brand New Microsoft Technology

Like the previous year, Microsoft has planning to bring some brand new technologies in 2015. Recently they are announcing to lunch their new products. They are going to lunch Surface 3 tablet, Windows 10. And also the touch version of Microsoft office for small devices. 

Surface 3 Tablet:

Microsoft is going to launch a mini version of their favorite tablet brand. The name of this tablet is Surface. It will be available from May to June of 2015. Surface 3 can support a lot of interfaces. It can run in the Windows 10 operating system. It has a quad-core Intel Atom processor x 7, 64 GB, or 128 GB of storage facilities. A 10.8-inch display and the weight is approximately 1.37 pounds. This tab maybe competing with Google and Apple tabs. It is also one of the most lightweight tablets by Microsoft. Also, it has also a front and backside camera and offer one-year free office subscription. 

The touch version of Microsoft office:

After 2013, Microsoft office launches a cloud version and a monthly subscription-based interface. Now, the officials are confirmed to bring the touch version of the Microsoft Office suite. It is a good improvement to their interface. The new MS office software is a new addition to the iPad version. And it is also going to lunch with Windows 10. 

Windows 10:

The newest version of the Windows operating system. Microsoft officials are announcing to lunch it at the end of 2015. This version is available for desktops, laptops, Xbox’s, and smartphones. The operating system is able to detect the device and change its interfaces. The progress of Windows 10 is in an early stage, but the officials are going to lunch it before 2016. It will be a web design and technology-friendly interface. 


Every year Microsoft brings new technologies and devices. They are making everything light-weight, super-fast. We are looking ahead to get more advanced devices and brand New Technology in 2015 from Microsoft to bring comfort in our life.