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How to Create a Great Theme Layout Design for a Spa Website

Before creating a WordPress theme, it is essential to create a basic Theme Layout Design that you want to see on your website. We are talking about WordPress, and we know it is a blogging platform. But we are now going to build a website with it. So we need to create our framework that can quickly implement in our website design.

For example, we need to create a Spa related website that provides the best solution for women who want to get a spa treatment or looking for spa related products. So we can now set some goals for this site. First of all, we can set up a plan or project brief.

The project brief will be as follows:

  1. Give a Name: We are now going to sell Spa related services. So we can give a suitable name that is spa related, short and suites with our objectives. It is just an example so we can keep our website name as Spa Home.
  2. We need a slider at the top of the page after the header to feature our best service with a big and engaging image.
  3. Setting the plan for the post: We want to display every post with a thumbnail or small image that shows with a short description of the main blog and also provide a “learn more” button at the end of excerpts that can drive us to an original briefed blog post.
  4. Essential Pages: We mainly need three pages such as Privacy Policy, About us, and a Contact page with a simple email form.
  5. A sidebar: We also need a sidebar menu to select an appropriate Category for spa and display some ads.
  6. A header menu: We need a header menu to navigate the site with four specific links that are, Home, Our spa, massages, Baths, our store, contact and about us page.
  7. A search box: We need a search box area on the homepage to search for appropriate content.
  8. A footer Area: We need a footer area with threes columns: Contact Address, Social Sharing, and Newsletter subscription form.
  9. A footer note Area: We also need a copyright area at the bottom of our page.

Now, We just set the necessary plan for our new website homepage, and we are now ready to give it a graphical look with adobe photoshop that makes us clear about the exact design. If you are not good at adobe photoshop you can learn the basics from here: Photoshop Essentials or hire a graphic designer to let your plans come true!

No more today. I ‘ll show you the designing process of this website in next article.