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15 Free Social Media Marketing Tools to Measure Social Analytics

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an excellent tool for maximizing web traffic by social media websites. This technique usually focuses on creating content that is attractive to an audience who does not only understand the hidden message but also disseminates it to others by sharing it on his channel. You can find a lot of SMM tools that can help you to improve the SMM experience and create precise analytic data for your channel. Here I am going to listed the top 15 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Measuring Social Analytics without any cost:

YouTube Audience Retention Report:

This is one of the most useful and reliable SMM tools which helps you to find the retention you get from your videos. If you update your video production approach in the light of the recommendations present in the report, then you can surely achieve the top results.

Facebook Insights:

Facebook provides you all the analytics data about your Facebook page centered on the dashboard of this insight tool. It helps you to gauge the audience’s response, influence, and reaction which in turn helps you to optimize your content.

Google Analytics:

It is one of the sophisticated free SMM tools which offer you the facility to keep track of your operation by setting up links to it. There is no second opinion that it is count among the most straightforward free SMM tools to follow the success of your marketing campaign.


This is an excellent tool to measure the impacts of a marketing campaign on Twitter. By using the simplest method of searching you can find the indicators like maximum influence, spread, publicity, activity, and leading contributors, etc.


This free SMM tool helps you to schedule your posts from more than one social media platform to utilize it for keeping track of the responses to your campaign. Although the free metrics of this tool are limited to a specific limit yet, they perform well for beginners.

The free basic service of this tool offers to keep track of your followers, conversations, and interactions on Twitter by establishing effective relations with potential customers. It offers some valuable features to have an insight into the analytics of your campaign.


Klout is a free SMM tool that offers you to gauge the impact of your marketing operation by detecting online traffic on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, etc.

Twitter Analytics:

To track the timeline activities such as tweets, favorite tweets, re-tweets, and replies on Twitter now there is an analytic dashboard available on Twitter. It is a free SMM tool that offers an exceptional variety of features to analyze online social marketing operations.

Social Mention:

This free SMM tool offers a comprehensive way to have an insight into the general happenings on social media in response to your campaign. It has additional features that let you set RSS feed, email alerts and real-time monitoring and evaluation widget.

Custom Social Media Reports:

The Google Analytics custom reports provide better insight into the way of internet traffic driven towards a particular website. The evaluation of internet traffic helps you to chalk out a comprehensive content strategy to attract a large number of people.


Cyfe is although a somewhat new SMM tool yet it has acquired a distinct position among top social media marketing analysis tools. It gives you access to valuable information on social media campaign channels and search metrics such as real-time Facebook Insights, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Twitter and YouTube analytics, etc.


This is the tool that allows you to keep track of the visitors who reach your shared content. It can track multiple social platforms because of its facility to be integrated into many other third-party software packages thus offering you better review data and results in response to your campaign.


It is a fantastic social media tool which gives you the liberty to spread your content at scheduled intervals of your choice. You fill out the Buffer account by setting all the parameters and Buffer will automatically post your content on the selected channels. Moreover, the Buffer dashboard gives you the detail of the interactions between the visitors and your posts thus helping you in optimizing your content.

Key Hole:

Key Hole is an excellent free SMM tool which is similar to TweetReach in many aspects. However, it offers additional benefits of tracking Facebook and Instagram other than Twitter.


This is a newly introduced SMM tool which saves your time owing to its excellent aggregation system. Thus it enhances your interactions with targeted visitors. It is currently available in the beta version, but its features and abilities will surely make it a tool of the future.