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10 Amazing Free Resource For Learning PHP

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Learning PHP

Codes are the base of the computer world. Computer programming language can build or break any program and web application. And unlike other Computer systems, PHP also used to make communication between human and computer servers. PHP is a Preprocessor that is widely utilized for web development purposes. It can easily embed into HTML and generate the result by executing various and file’s from a database.

In a short word, PHP works as a medium between file and data that is executed by the web browser to generate the exact result according to the codes.

When a user requests a web page through the browser, the browser sends the request to the webserver to find out the appropriate files. When you request an HTML file from a server, it’s response very quickly. And, show the result of the requested data if it exists in the database. But if your website built by PHP, then the server first executes the required data from PHP and showing it to the user. That means, A server first reads the file and then sorting the page as commanded in the script.

PHP is an open-source programming language. So, there are a lot of Content Management Systems are available to build a well driven and targeted website for any purpose. Here is some example of a Content Management System or CMS:

CMS for Blog or Website:

Currently, blogging is a new trend to communicate with people and share opinions. So, if someone wants to create a quick blog for general-purpose they can pick any CMS that already developed for this purpose such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

CMS for Forum or conversation:

Sometimes, people want to create a discussion board to participate in an interview or solve a problem by asking new questions and challenges. This way, people can find the solution to their problem easily by searching for an issue on the web. This type of platform also quickly built by CMS. Some open-source CMS for building a forum or discussion board is PHPBB, Ninja post, NodeBB, etc.

CMS for Q/A based website:

If you want to build a platform for Questions and answers, you can also use CMS. Some popular CMS for this category is Qhub, Answerbase, and Q2A. These CMS scripts are free to use the open-source platforms to build a question and answer based website on any topics. Whether you are a Ninja or Newbie, these type of platforms is beneficial to find any solution and improve your skill to learn new subjects.

CMS for Gaming Platform:

There is no doubt that 99% of internet/computer users love to play games. That is why Computer games is a big industry and commercial hub to entertain peoples. However, if you want to build a gaming website, there are also a lot of CMS scripts are available to do this. Free Arcade Script – YourArcadeScript, NFL SuperBowl Squares, QUANTRIUS Ladder CMS is some free open-source gaming script to build a games website.

So why you are going to learn PHP:

All of them are ready-made platforms or scripts that you can use to create any website as you need. But if you want to learn PHP from the primary level, you can start learning it from the beginning or try to build a website by plain PHP that is entirely defined by your variables and codes. But, remember one thing, that as much as you want to know how it happens and why, as more you can learn the new stuff, topics, and techniques. For learning PHP, there is also not an easy or ready-made way to find out how the codes work for you and a particular purpose.

You can experiment with various techniques to solve your problems. Here we listed up to ten fantastic resources for learning PHP to build a stand-alone website. However, these tutorials are limited for the site purpose and not widely describes the security and other issues but fruitful for beginner PHP learners.

 10 Free resources for learning PHP

Without a practical experiment, you can’t be able to learn PHP. Microsoft web matrix and WAMP server can help you a lot to do these experiments on your computer.

Learn how to install WAMP Server in Windows 7 and earlier versions to make your computer compatible with PHP and web development.

Conclusion: You can find a vast number of ready-made CMS platforms on the net that are either developed by PHP or use PHP as their primary programming language. But if you want to learn pure PHP from Scratch it is a lifetime journey. From the basic code, you can learn the methods of how to make things happen by PHP. However, your experience and practice will bring you to the next level to build a new platform or solve new problems of an existing platform. And that is why all open-source platforms are open for the developer to volunteer their skills. So, they can reach a new level that is beneficial to the whole community and for their qualifications too.