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Easy Way to Remove White Space From WordPress Footer

Today, we will learn how to remove white space from WordPress Footer Area. This is usually caused by jetpack plugin for the older version of WordPress. If you are using an updated version, you don’t need to use it.

Every WordPress theme comes with a header and a footer. It is an essential part of WordPress. However, you may sometimes notice that after installing a theme, whitespace appears at the bottom of the footer. Sometimes it looks unprofessional and ugly. So you may want to remove it.

Many people use many techniques to hide it. Some of them are defining a new CSS selector and set the padding or margin value as 0. After using all techniques, I just find out that it is not a problem with the WordPress theme, it appears for the div id “wpstats” that is either comes from the WordPress core file or jet-pack plugin.

I am not digging it deeply, so I am not sure, where this CSS selector is available. However, you can solve the problem quickly and easily using the Custom CSS option from WordPress Dashboard. Here, I am going to share my workflow so you can quickly to try this technique:

Editing CSS:

Go to the Appearance menu from the WordPress dashboard and select “Edit CSS.” You may see an editor like this.

CSS for Remove White Space from footer
WordPress Custom CSS Editor

Write, “#wpstates” and define the CSS rule as “display: none.” So this division will no longer display at the bottom of your theme. Moreover, you also get rid of the white space from your WordPress Theme’s footer.

I hope that you understand how to remove white space from WordPress Footer Area. If you do not understand yet, please feel free to comment below, and I will try my best to give you a satisfying answer. Also, don’t forget to connect with our social profile and subscribe to the new updates.

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