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How to Draw a Bird using Pathfinder Tool

If you know the usage of pathfinder in Adobe Illustrator, you can make anything very quickly. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to draw a bird using the pathfinder tool that carry a piece of grass in his mouth. Here is the image that we are going to create now:

Draw a Bird using Pathfinder
Draw a Bird using Pathfinder Tool

How to Draw a Bird using Pathfinder Tool

The making process is not very easy. Here are the fundamental techniques that I use to get the final result:

  1. Pencil tool: I use this tool for drawing the draft shape of the bird.
  2. Pen tool: I use the pen tool for eliminating the unnecessary Anchor point.
  3. Anchor point tool: After removing unnecessary anchor points I use this tool for smoothing the shape.
  4. Intersect button: I use the intersect button to get the perfect shape. This button is working like a clipping mask of Adobe Photoshop. You can only use this technique with 2 overlapping shapes. You need to copy the backward shape one time to get the exact result.

Tools that I use to complete the project:

  1. Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Graphics tablet.

You may wonder how I draw as like as a paper and pen. Actually, I use a graphics tablet to get this result.

In this tutorial, I hope you learn how to use pathfinder tools for your design work. Pathfinder is very easy and smart tools for creating, customizing and modifying any shape and illustration work.

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