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How to Make Animated GIF Picture from Video 5 Easy Step

How to Make Animated GIF

Today I discovered some beautiful animated GIF that looks like a video. So, I decided to post an article on how to make animated GIF from videos. GIF is the Short Form of Graphics Interchange Format that enables pictures to move. There is a lot of software that is available to make an animated GIF, but we are now using Adobe Photoshop for this purpose.

This a beautiful animated GIF Picture Created From Video.

I think you have the necessary software for this tutorial, and if you have not yet, you can easily download a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Creative Suites 6 from Here.

Adobe PS6 is only running on Windows XP service pack 3 or Higher editions. If you want to upgrade your windows XP service pack just download and install windows XP service pack 3 Network Installation Package

Let’s Move on the Main Part.

Step:-1. Lunch adobe Photoshop cs6 and Select the “File” button from the menu bar. Then select ‘Import’ from the drop-down menu and select ‘Video Frames to Layers…

Convert Video Frames to Layers

Step:-2. You can see a popup window like this picture below. Now select the “Selected Range Only” radio button. Limit your desired animated picture range using the black range button. To get a better output just play the ranged animation and confirmed it with “OK.”

Make frame Animation

Step:-3. After completing the importing process, run the animation from the animation bar. If you are satisfied with the result, now simply open the “File” menu again and select “Save for Web.”

Select Save for Web

Step:-4. You can create a new window for setting up your preferences. Now just make sure that your colour level is at least 256. In this option the higher you set the level, the better you get the output. In this case, 256 is the higher level, so we chose this option.

Select the 256 menu item

Step:-5. Make sure that The Dither level is at least 75%. In this option, the lower is the best. However, we decided to use 75% for this picture.

Select Save for Web 100%

Now save your animated picture and share with your friends. Don’t forget to like our Facebook and follow our Twitter page for regular updates.