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How To Optimize Websites According to Google Webmaster Guideline

Create and optimize websites for search engines

Today we will discuss how to create and optimize websites according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Currently, we are living in a world, where everything from communication, education to business is depending on the internet. The business that has a website to showcase their products and services are getting maximum exposure and sales. But it is not good to start a website within overnight. You have to plan it with adequate calculation and preparation before launching it. I am going to describe the step by step process to create and optimize a website according to Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The Internet is an open and unobstructed medium for all. It does not mean that you can do anything here without any guidelines and supervision. To ensure that the Internet is useful to everyone, Google has some guidelines that a user must follow to create a website.

Remind that, Creating a successful website is not an easy task. It requires adequate prior planning and preparation. In this article, we will discuss important things you should focus on before creating a website.

Creating the necessary pages and content for the website:

Before creating a website, you must write down all the contents of the website. In this case, arrange how many pages your website will have, what will be the design and content of the home page. The main content should be summarized, short, and precise. Avoid giving too much information on the homepage.

Creating an Appropriate Privacy Policy Page:

Create a privacy policy page and give details of the information you collect from the visitors of your website and how you use and store these data. This allows a user to know if any of their privacy has been compromised after using your website. According to Google’s new guideline, each website must have information related to the privacy policy of their user’s.

Creating a Terms of Use page:

Every website must create a terms and conditions page. Where you can state how a user will use information and contents of the website. For example, a user will not be able to copy text, images, and other copyrighted contents from your website to another website or printed materials. This is considered a crime under copyright law, so Google may remove their website’s results from the search engine. Your website users should comply with these terms.

Create a separate page and content for Frequently Asked Questions:

Customers may have many questions and inquiries about your product or service. You can arrange the questions and answers on a separate page. So, your customer or service recipient will get the answer to the common questions before buying your services or products. In English, these questions are called Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. The questions must be objective and the answers must be short for this.

Creating a separate Contact Us page:

When your potential customers visit your website and find answers to the questions about a product or service, they may contact you in the next step to ask more questions or negotiating the prices. Also, any customer can contact you to get customer services after purchasing a product. To make this communication process easier, you can create a separate page with detailed contact information. This page will have a direct contact form with the facility to provide email, name, and phone number. You can put the address of your business organization or shop and including Google Maps here. So, anyone can send a letter and visit your shop. Give your business phone number to contact you via phone.

Creating a separate service or shopping page:

You may write a description of the quality of a product. You may also write details about what kind of services you provide. But, you did not give any options to purchase the service or product separately. Then your customer/buyer will not be able to buy instant products or services. And that’s why you have to create a separate page for the service or shop. Briefly describe what services you provide on the service page. And create some sub-pages for each service on a separate page. On these pages, you can add detailed information about each service and package and include a pricing table. You can also create a separate page for the package & plan or pricing table.

All contents must be unique and free of plagiarism:

There is a tendency to steal someone else’s writing without any change or curation. These kinds of practices are very common today, especially in the online world. This is a clear violation of copyright law, especially if the author does not have consent to it. So to keep the text, images, and other content of your website completely free from duplication you can check them for plagiarism. This type of content can be easily identified by Google due to Google’s special search algorithm.

Create regular blog posts:

Creating regular blog posts is very important for content marketing. If you want regular visitor flow to your website, you need to post regularly. Promotional writing in content marketing will multiply your sales. That’s why it’s important to write content with the right keywords and engaging language.

Share your posts on social media:

No matter how beautiful and well written an article is, if you do not share it on social media, you will not be able to reach the desired visitors. And it is also a kind of marketing method to increase sales. So, not only write the quality content but also make sure that it can draw the attention of your potential buyers or customers.

Generates an email list to create a separate reader group:

It is important to collect emails from the website visitors to create a separate regular audience or reader group for your website. Usually, people can easily forget which websites they have visited throughout the day. So even if they see a good article or product, they cannot remember it later. You can use an email subscription form to collect their names and emails. This way, you will never lose your potential buyers and customers. And by sending them promotional emails and newsletters from time to time, you can give regular updates about your product or service.

Sending emails and newsletters according to the email list:

To make a website popular and useful, you can send newsletters for new updates and products. This is known as an email marketing campaign. There are two types of services available for email marketing, free and paid. After generating an email list from visitors, you can send emails and newsletters using these services.

Creating a progress report on visitors flow and behaviors:

You can create a report on continuous improvements to find out how much your visitors or customers have grown through content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing described above. Many platforms have the opportunity to create such progress reports. Especially in various analytics or data analytics software where you can do these works easily. For instance, you can use Google Analytics.

Find out how many subscribers you get from visitors:

There are many ways people can find your website. These are social media, email, and search engines. However, regardless of the medium, some of them may purchase products or services from you. People who come to your website to check products or buy something, or have the plan to buy something from your website again. This is where you can use search marketing. This allows a customer to show the same products again and again that he has bought, or wants to buy from a website in the future. This is done through Google AdWords. This means that with advertising here you can easily reach millions of interested buyers for targeted cities or areas. The Pixel ad on Facebook does the same thing. You can also do this by constantly posting your business ad on a local classified website.

Use Google Search Console to find popular posts and products:

You can use Google Search Console to find out which posts have become more popular on your website and which posts people are loving from your website. With this data on hand, you can easily understand which keyword people are using to find you from the search engine. And which content becomes popular on your website. To capture the interest of a large number of people, you have to write new content on these topics or add more products, that people like more. The popularity of the product can be understood by looking at the sales in addition to the search.

Creating links to similar kind of websites:

This process is called creating backlinks. However, it is not easy to create a link with an established website. You will find many types of websites online to create backlinks, where people asked about different topics. There are many article directories where you can submit articles about your product or services. In these articles, you can include links to your specific products or services. And in this way, you can build backlinks to your website. It will increase your authority and sends a rank signal to Google and other search engines. And Google will gradually increase your position in the search result.


You can create and optimize websites using these techniques. But beyond that, you need to choose good and fast hosting, error-free CMS, and minimal themes. Make sure that, your website loading faster in the web browser and it is 100% mobile-friendly. You can use our web design and development service to create a flawless minimal custom theme for your website. We also provide SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation Services. To get the desired service contact us today.

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