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How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

We all know that WordPress is a blogging platform and if you want to create your own website, you can do it quickly using a custom WordPress theme. However, the critical part of WordPress is making its structure and PHP coding that works fine with your needs. So, today we will learn how to create a WordPress theme from scratch and which type of skills you need to do this job perfectly.

It is not as easy as HTML and CSS. You cannot build a theme with just a few clicks or can’t use some readymade codes until you know how it works. If you are a business person, I assume that you have no time for this stuff. In this case, you can hire a web designer or developer to do this critical job on your behalf of you. Here, we are going to discuss the fundamental part of a WordPress theme-building process. So, you can understand how to make a theme and suggest your web designer as well.

No matter, you either hire a Graphics Designer to make your website initial design or doing it on your own; code is the core of WordPress Theme building. As much as you are familiar and expert with HTML, CSS, and PHP as more you have the flexibility to make an accurate design. So, Lets we introduce the tricky part of a WordPress theme design and Development:

Part-1: Theme Mockup or Structure Design:

Before making a theme from scratch, it is essential to come up with a beautiful and exact design that suits your website. If you have no idea about how the design looks like, you can see the other’s website from your industry for a better understanding. Once you find out the design idea, you can suggest your web designer for making a similar design for your website. It should the exact same but it will follow the guideline from your desired website. If you want to add some extra features you have to explain them in detail to your Web designer. This is the initial part of a theme building, and you have to make your website’s scratch in a very simple design. To do this task you can use any mockup design or graphics design software, even on paper and pen. Then, a Professional Graphic designer will use his/her merit to make a final design from this scratch. They usually use Adobe XD, Photoshop, or illustrator to make the final design.

Part-2: Web Interface Design or PSD to HTML:

After completing part-1, you can discuss with an expert how this design will work on your website. A web interface is depending on the arrangement of the link and the look and feel of a website. A person who knows HTML, CSS, javascript very well and have a good taste in arrangement and beauty, can quickly make a web interface design from your PSD or XD file. They are actually turning a PSD or XD file into HTML and CSS static webpage to show how the final design will works.

Part-3: User Interface Design or UI/UX Design:

This part is useful part for your website users. If you want that your website users are happily interacting with your website (e.g., subscribing to your newsletter, search something, buy something, or commenting), You can suggest your developer to including these features. If you want to give a subscribing feature to your user, where they can get an email reminder for every new post, you can create a subscriber box. Luckily, WordPress comes with some third-party plugins that ensure this facility without any coding. A search bar or comment system design also part of user Interface Design.

Part-4: Web Authoring Or Coding:

This is the final part of the WordPress theme building. A web developer performs this task. At first, he analyzed the code from a CMS or web platform and then makes your website design fit with it. Sometimes he reforms the existing functionality or creates new functionalities for this. If you want to build a fresh and minimal design for your website, you can suggest your web developer to creating it from scratch. A developer usually converts the HTML & CSS design into a fully functional WordPress theme. Let’s see what makes a WordPress theme functional and working. Generally, you can create a WordPress theme with only two files. That is index.php and style.css. Without these two files, a WordPress theme will not work properly. Then if you want to add functionality to your website, you can create a function.php. A WordPress theme is ready to go with six files. These are:

  1. index.php
  2. style.css
  3. header.php
  4. footer.php
  5. sidebar.php
  6. functions.php

You can either copy some of them from an existing theme or following the WordPress Codex guideline to create from scratch. Whatever you do, just remember to changing the div id name as your website design. This part is the most tricky part of theme development and required deep attention to details.

Part-5: Technical SEO:

After making a theme, to make your content search-friendly you have to follow the webmaster guideline’s provided by various search engines. If you follow the giant (I mean Google! :)) search engine guidelines, you automatically comply with the other search engines as well. Because they always follow Google’s standards.

So, here we already described the five basic fundamental parts of a WordPress theme building process that you can follow to make your own website design from scratch. If you are not familiar with coding, you can hire a Graphics or web designer to make your design comes true. If you want to make a fully functional industry-standard website or want to boost your website traffics by inbound marketing, you can contact us. We are happy to help you to fulfill your all Web design and marketing needs. If you find this info useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends of colleagues. Make sure to like our social channels or subscribe to our blog to get a regular update.