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Basic Concept of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite: How to Create A Shape

coreldraw graphics suite

The world of Graphics Design is very lucid and straightforward if you know the basic concept. So, let’s move on to the step by step process to learn some Basic Concept of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020. This tutorial is for CorelDraw X7, and you can use the same concept for the earlier versions too.

Setup a new document in Corel Draw: Setting up a page is just like the other traditional program in CorelDraw. There are three ways to open a new document.

  • From the main menu Go to File>New.
  • Press ctrl+N or
  • directly click on the visual new button

A pop-up window will appears below. Now, it is time to set up the necessary settings for this document.

Create a new document in Corel Draw

Now you can put your desired name in the Name field and control the other setting such as your document width and height, portrait or landscape view. You can find more options under the size menu. You can also control the primary color mode is either CMYK or RGB and the color settings with a toggle menu.

If you would like to choose the same settings for all of your documents or don’t want to see this dialog, you can just mark the checkbox before clicking OK.

Creating a Shape: Let’s Create a rectangular shape and fill it with the desired color. From the toolbox, select a rectangle tool or merely press the F6 button from the keyboard. Create two rectangle side by side and select the smart fill tool from the toolbox. Whenever you are clicking on the smart fill button, you can see the fill options on the upper area of the dashboard.

Creating Space in Corel Draw

Now, you can specify the fill options or keep the shape’s outline or not. Here I choose the “No outline, ” but I still see the outline of my shapes. If you face the same problem, select the shape using the pick tool and then set an outline width to “none” from the property bar.

Border and Outline in Corel Draw

You can also do the same by right-clicking on the desired shape and selecting object properties from the popup menu or press alt+enter together. You can control all the necessary settings of an object from this window.

Object Properties in Corel Draw

So, here is my experiment with different types of outlines in CorelDraw.

Explanation: The first object uses a line outline. The second shape is without an outline, and the third and fourth are using the verity of the line style. That is it.

No more today! See you in the next term!