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How to create a simple eBook using CorelDraw: Part-1

Ebook Cover with the name of Rhymes

Creating and arranging pages in CorelDraw is one of the great features that enable a designer to create multiple pages side by side and help to design continually.

Here, we are going to create a simple eBook using CorelDraw for Kids that consists of four-page and contains a famous rhyme with some Illustration. So, Let’s Move to the central part:


Create a new document and rename it as “Twinkle Twinkle little star.” Set the document size in a letter with a landscape view. The primary Color mode will be CMYK with higher resolutions, e.g., 300 dpi.

Create a New Document in Corel Draw
Create a New Document in Corel Draw


Now look at the bottom, and you will see something on page 1. Create three more pages by clicking the page buttons and rename them as:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Page 1
  3. Page 2
  4. Last Page.

Creating Multiple Documents in Corel Draw
Creating Multiple Documents in Corel Draw

However, you can also arrange tabs by dragging next to next and also can insert a new page and other options by just right-clicking on this bar.

Let’s we are going to create the cover Page:

Let’s change the background as an evening sky so that we can draw the stars with a little glow. First, draw a rectangle and set it under the all group of layers and fill with Dessert blue color. Choose the fill option from object properties and select “fountain fill > Elliptical fountain fill. Set the node position into 50%.

Creating the Background

Creating Cloud:

So, let’s create some clouds. Select the Ellipse tool and create some round shapes and nested them as like as below:

Creating the Clouds
Creating the Clouds

Now, Fill the circles with Ice blue Color.

Filling and Combining the Clouds
Fill the cloud with color

Make a group of the ellipse shapes and create some copy of the cloud and spread them in the document.

Creating a Group of Shapes

Now Select the star tools from the polygon menu and create some stars. Make sure to drag them from guide options to layer option.

Creating The Twinkle Star

And this is what we are just creating. Now, it time to place the name of the eBook, Because it is the cover page of the E-book. Let’s create another rectangle and set it above all layers and fill with the “baby blue” color.

Select the pick tools and choose “Round Corner” and set corner radius into 1 for both upper and lower corners. Now select the transparency option and set the transparency to “soft light.” Select the background layer and newly created rectangle, and select the align center horizontal button from Align and distribution option. And this is the output.

Creating The Text Box
Creating the text box

Let’s Create the name of the E-Book. So, select the text tool or press the f8 button and write “Twinkle Twinkle.” Now select the text and modify the Character. Let’s choose ‘Forte’ font and Size 65 pt. Now set the color of the font into baby blue. Make sure to align the text object horizontally.

And this is the final output.

Ebook Cover with the name of Rhymes
E-book Cover with name of Rhymes

Congratulations! You are just create a simple eBook Cover using CorelDraw.

I hope you understand the basics of how to create a simple eBook. If you need further assistance in creating your logo, brochures or e-book, or website design. We have experts to assist you. Please, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!