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How to Setup a Website with WordPress: Web Design Tutorial-2

How to Setup a WordPress Website in Local Server

We already set up a personal server or localhost server. Now, we will proceed to set up a website with WordPress. Here is the step by step process of doing it.

Running XAMPP Control Panel
How to run XAMPP Control Panel


Click on the desktop icon or open the XAMPP Control Panel from the windows menu. You will see a window Like below opening the control panel. Start the Apache and MySQL. You will see a green mark that indicates they are successfully running on your system. If you have trouble connecting or see the port error, then quit skype and start the server again.

Now click on the admin button of MySQL. A window will appear in the picture below. It is the homepage of your Localhost database.

Creating a New Database in phpMyAdmin


Click on the Database button to create a new database. Our new database name is vh_test, but you can name it whatever you want. Click on the create button to create “vh_test” and we are done.


Now click on the check privileges button to add a new user, and you can also delete any database table by checking and click on the drop button. Add a new user, in our case the username is wp_user. You can give any name whatever you want but make sure to take the note of database name, username, and password. Save the details on a notepad or text document.

Add a new user to database

Now, scroll down the window and Check all the Global Privileges. And then click on the add user button.

Check All Global Privileges from the Database


Now, You are almost complete with everything related to MySQL Database, and we are going forward to set up WordPress. Go to and download the latest version of WordPress into your desktop and extract the files from it.


Now, Go to the XAMPP folder>htdocs folder and create a new folder. In this case, we rename it ‘vhtest’ but you can give a name whatever you want. Copy and paste the extracted WordPress folder into “vhtest” folder.


Copy and paste the Path URI: http://localhost/vhtest/wordpress/ into your browser. Now, Click on the button to create a wp-config.php file. Open the notepad where you saved database details and fill up the required field.

The default table prefix is wp_, but you can change it if you want to install multiple WordPress into a single database. In our case, I change it into vh_, but you can give anything that you like.


Now put the required information into the field below and install the WordPress. Make sure to choose a secure password and note the username and password into your existing notepad.

Set up a website with WordPress


Now, login to the dashboard using your username and password.

WordPress Dashboard

Hurray,…you are super awesome! You already set up an independent website with WordPress. YAY!

I think, now it is pretty simple to set up a website with WordPress, and you will do this task efficiently. If you are confused in any step, don’t forget to comment below and I will be happy to assist you.

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