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Tutorial-1: How to Set up a Local Server in Your Computer

Set up a local server with XAMPP could be the starting point for a beginner web designer. It is a package software that can quickly turn your PC into a local server that works as like a website server. So you can quickly create any website from your computer using any CMS or Content Management Software without any hosting provider.

Remember that, it is only for testing purposes and you cannot run any website from this server, you can just build your website’s theme and test the progress.

Anyways, XAMPP is a package of software to set up a personal server. And also It is a cross-OS software that allows you to use any operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

So, we can start with XAMPP now. First of all, download the latest version of XAMPP from Here. Choose the appropriate software for your operating system. I am using Windows 7, so I select XAMPP For Windows.

Now follow the steps to set up XAMPP to the computer.

Step 1: Disable your Antivirus software for a while because it can prevent some components of XAMPP. You can enable it again after installing the Software.

Step 2: Quit Skype. Because while you are running the software, it can cause the port error. Remember that, it is a must to do for every time you run XAMPP. And after running XAMPP you can restart Skype again, and it will not cause any error then.

Step 3: Now Execute the file from Zipping and start installing by double-clicking on the installer. I recommended using at least XAMPP 1.8.1 for Windows 7 because it is working fine with my computer.

XAMPP Installation
XAMPP Installation

Now, Click on the Next button and select the right components that you want to install on your computer. Click on the “Next” button and select the right drive that you want to install the software. The default drive is C:/, but I recommended to use other drives because if your computer system crashed anytime, you could lose all progress.

So it is better to avoid this system folder, or you can also save the XAMPP folder from time to time in an external Hard Disk or Pen drive for backup purposes. Now, Click on the install button for installing all components in your selected Hard Drive. Complete the installation process by clicking the “Finish” button.

You can now start the control panel and start Apache and MySQL By Simply clicking those buttons. And after beginning this application, the Module field will turn into Green like below:

Running XAMPP Control Panel
XAMPP Control Panel is Running

Congratulation! You just turn your computer into a local server. If you need any help with website building or want to set up a local server on your computer, contact us. We will guide you through the whole process and help you to build a successful website.

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