7 Keyword Research Tools for SEO that Brings ROI

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Keyword Research Tools

Today we will discuss about 7 Keyword Research Tools for SEO that Brings ROI and real results to your business website. Keywords plays a vital role to plan Search Engine Optimization schemes. And it is the crucial part to focus on a successful approach to get massive web traffics. 

Keywords are actually the phrase and words that people use to search a topic from google. To build an efficient and fruitful search engine optimization strategy, put these keywords in your content’s key point.

But, it is necessary to find the appropriate keywords for your webpage first. To increase web traffic, find a keyword that has high search volume and low competition. Here we are going to list 7 keyword research tools for SEO to do this task easily: 

#1. Google Keyword Tool: 

It is a useful keyword research tool that gives you excellent results with a few click of the mouse. It has a user-friendly interface that is very effective for any type of keyword research. That is why it is the number #1 tool for keyword research. Moreover, it is google’s tool, so you will get every insight 100% accurate and real-time. 


An excellent tool that gives you the most relevant keywords for your search query. Keyword relevancy and effectiveness are the two main features of this tool. So, you can find appropriate keywords very easily. 

#3. Keyword Eye: 

A sophisticated keyword research tool that finds the keywords depending on the frequency. It provides an in-depth search frequency for any given keyword for many search engines. It also provide some useful information to stand you in a terrible web competition. If you use these data with the care you can win the competition. 

#4. Wordpot: 

A free keyword research tool that gives relevant keywords with search frequency. Hence, it enables you to know the search volume of these keywords on a daily basis. 

#5. Wordstream:   

Wordstream offers you a massive keyword database. From this database, you can search the keywords relevant to your query. It is a user-friendly tool to find the most efficient keywords to generate better SEO results. 

#6. SEO Book Keyword List Generator:    

This free tool is a plugin for Firefox. It provides you valuable and useful keyword suggestions for your query. It is a classy tool to find relevant keywords easily. 

#7. Spyfu: 

It is an important factor for SEO to keep track of the search keyword activities for your competitors. Spyfu can serve this purpose. It helps you to track the keywords of your competitors and help you to find the perfect keywords. You can also find the recent trends of a keyword from it. 

I hope you understand everything very well and make use of these keyword research tools for SEO. If you enjoy this tutorial don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues as it can help them also.

If you want to do an in-depth keyword research for your website, feel free contact us. We are always ready to help you.

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