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Some Adobe Illustrator Techniques And How To Use Them

Adobe Illustrator techniques

Today, we will discuss some handy Adobe Illustrator techniques for beginners. Adobe Illustrator is one of the most beautiful and handy tools for creating vector graphics and Illustrations. There is some average difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Lets, we introduce some basic techniques of Adobe Illustrator that will help you to boost your productivity.

1. Use of brush tool:

The brush tool is a simple and most useful tool for digital painting or artistic graphics. You can either create your brush or pick a default brush to paint a texture. Brush tools are helpful for the fluffy surface and forming a nice artwork from the sketch. To use a brush tool just click on the brush icon from the left side and apply it to your artboard.

2. Use of symbol Sprayer tool:

Symbol sprayer tools do wonder for making a lot of objects within minutes. To create a new symbol, select the object, and open the symbol panel to add a new symbol. Then you can spread this symbol using the symbol sprayer tool.

3. Use of Pathfinder:

Pathfinder is excellent for creating different types of shapes. You can do a lot of things using Pathfinder. You can unite two overlapping shapes. Minus the front shape from two objects or intersect two objects or minus the back from two objects.  Perfect usage of Pathfinder will give you a quick solution for creating any shapes. If you don’t see Pathfinder in your toolbox, just go to the Window menu and check Pathfinder. You can also do it by pressing the (shift+ctrl+f9) key at the same time.

4. Use of Gradient tool:

The gradient tool is excellent for mixing two colors. Sometimes, it is also used to show the shade or curve of an object. You can choose a linear or radial gradient from your gradient options panel. You can also select this tool using shortcut key G.

5. Use of pen tool:

Mastering on pen tools can help you to quicken the design process. Pen tools also let you create any shape without extra command. It is flexible at your fingertips and allows you to make any design. You just need to select the anchor point and extending the node and achieve your desired shape. The perfect usage of pen tools depends on practice.

6. Use of Warp tool:

The usage of Warp tools will give you the flexibility of shaping up an object. It works for adding the various effect to an object including arc and bulge effect. You can create a beautiful shape with a fine line using this tool.

7. Use of Layer panel:

Layer panel in illustrator displaying by a hierarchical position. Some secondary layers are always appearing under the central layer unless you create a new layer.  When you create a new object, you just need to keep an eye on the layer position and their classification.

8. Use of object tab:

The object tab consists of a lot of useful tools. These tools are used to manage objects in a different position. Some common usage of the object tab is grouping some objects or expand them. It also uses for transforming an object into a different location and shape.

9. Use of Type tool:

Type tools are usually for typing text. You can do a lot of things using type tools including Type on a path, typing on an area tool and type in vertical, and so on.

10. Use of Mash tool:

Mash tool used for highlighting an area or designing a critical path. It’s usually combined with various colors to make it realistic and eye-catching.

simple papaya using mash tool

11. Use of reflect tool:

Reflect tool allows an object to rotate in the opposite direction. Using the reflect tool you can just turn an object from 90 degrees to 180 degrees or whatever you want. It is a handy tool for creating different objects easily.

12. Use of blend tool:

if you’re going to make a shadow of an object or 3D effect bend tool is one of the most useful tools for doing this efficiently. You can also create multiple objects very quickly with this tool.

3D object using bend tool

13. Use of Expand tool:

if you want to turn Adobe fonts, lines, and brush strokes into a particular shape or just tweak the bend properties and font styles, you can use the Expand tool. “Expand Tool” is one of the best options for outlining any shapes and separate a critical path.

There are approximately more than 100 techniques of Adobe illustrator to leverage your effort to design anything. The above methods are only some handpicked basic techniques for beginners. If you understand these processes, it makes your design journey smooth and hassle-free.

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