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How to Secure a WordPress Website from Hacker’s

Secure a WordPress Website

Today we are going to talk about How to Secure a WordPress Website from the Hackers. This is a simple guideline for new WordPress users, who wants to ensure maximum security for their website.

WordPress is a popular Content Management System that is widely used by millions of websites. However, it has some security threats that can be an excellent cause for compromising easily.  In general, whenever the WordPress team found a security threat they immediately fixed it by an update. But some of the security threats are related to a third party service or insecure hosting services. To prevent the danger of compromising you should take some necessary security measures to harden a WordPress powered website.

5 Steps to Secure WordPress Website From Hackers:

1. Use an uncommon login name: If you are the administrator of your site make sure to use a unique and different username that hard to guess. Some people tend to use “admin” as a username and fall in the victim to a brute force login attempt. As the hacker knows their login name, they usually try a million’s of the password to get in the admin dashboard. Make sure that your login name is different from your author’s nice_name. Because, if they are the same, hackers can easily guess your login name from your author nice_name.

2. Use a stronger password:

To log into the dashboard use a stronger password. Do not use your nickname, birthday, qwerty, or 12345 or very common passwords that can be easily guessed by a hacker.

3. Limit the login attempt:

You can limit the login attempt to protect your website from a brute force attack. There are some helpful plugins that are available to do this stuff quickly. Just search for plugin directory.

4. Hide your login page:

You can hide your login page easily to all internet users except your IP using the Jetpack plugin. This way your website is not accessible from anywhere except your white-listed IP address.

5. Use appropriate permission for your site root directory:

Use proper file access permission for your website root directory. Uncheck the write and execute option’s from a global audience.  This way they can only read your site permissible page and posts but can’t able to write or run anything from the root directory.

6. Use a unique table prefix for the database table:

The default database table prefix for WordPress is wp_. You can change it as your own choice. This precaution makes your website database unique and hardens the data theft by SQL injection.

7. Backup your site in a regular manner:

Backup your website whenever you make any changes. So you can recover a website from hacking or any other security threat or vulnerability.

You can take this method to make your website secure from a hacker. However, there are no foolproof methods to create a site 100% protected from hackers. Because, as like as the updated software and system they also upgrade their hacking skills and techniques. But these security measure’s undoubtedly hardened their hacking process and prevent a website from easy compromising.

You have learned enough to Secure a WordPress Website from the Hackers. If you need further help and supervision to secure your website, please feel free to contact us. We have some WordPress experts who can make your website 100% error-free and secure.

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