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How to Create a room in Adobe Illustrator

Create a room in Adobe Illustrator

“Two little hands to knock, knock, knock!” A line from a famous rhyme, Yes, we have two hands for knocking ( but one hand is enough! ) We are knocking on the door until it is open for us! We are open the window for fresh air and wait for a while to see the reflection of the glass for sunshine. However, we do not wait for long to open it and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe, you think why I should start a story?

Right thought! It should not be a story, but a formal tutorial that is only limited to shapes reflects and bla bla. I do not like and if you do not like this type of tutorial, just keep reading.

How to Create a room in Adobe Illustrator

We are going to create a room in Adobe Illustrator. A Room that has a door and a window. Moreover, the window closed, but we can see the reflections too. Moreover, the door is open, but not entirely open. Just have a look at the picture below!

Do you know which method I use to create this image? Only Rectangle shapes, move, pen tools, Pathfinder, and also reflect.  A picture is better to explain than a thousand words. So let’s move on. See the full tutorial from bel

Okay, I think you enjoy the video, and it is now pretty easy for you to work with shapes and pathfinders.

A quick overview of the tutorial:

Step-1: Create a new document with Adobe Illustrator that is 1800px height and 1200px width. Rename it as ‘Room’ and set the color mode into CMYK.

Step-2: Now select the rectangle tool and set the first color as #CC52CC. Draw a rectangle and bring it to the middle point of the document.

Step-3: Now change the fill colour as #f4a2ec and create another rectangle shape beside of the previous shape. Select the free transform tool and transform the shape like this. So it looks like a corner of the wall.

Step-4: Now Make a new copy of the transformed shape using ctrl+F and create a vertical 90 degrees vertical reflect. Now drag the shape at the opposite corner of the document.

Step -5: Create another rectangle shape with the same color at the bottom of the document. Now select two shapes and bring them to the front. Change the color of the sidewall as #Ce59aa to make a difference from the floor.

Step-6: Now it is time to create a door and window with reflective Glass. Let’s draw the door first. Draw a rectangle with stroke color #000 and fill color #fff and hide the bottom of the rectangle under the floor shape. Now set the stroke color into #562907 for a wooden color effect.

Step-7: The newly created shape is a stroke. Moreover, now if you want to create a custom shape or path for the stroke go the object > path > outline stroke.

Step-8: Now, Create another rectangle shape with #723516 and transform it using a free transform tool as it looks like a slightly open door.

Step-9: Create a rectangle shape with #57f7e4 and make another copy and arrange them side by side. Set the stroke colour to none.

Step-10: Select both rectangles and make a new copy at the front. Pick the pen tool and draw some shape with a dark blue colour. Now, select the rectangle shapes with the top blue shapes and divide them or create a clipping mask.

Step-11: Now remove the unnecessary part of the blue shape and only keep that is exists in the window shape.

Step-12: Now, only select the blue shapes and set the transparency to screen from the gradient tool.

That is it; you just create a room with a reflective window using Adobe Illustrator.

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Goodbye! See you in the next tutorial.

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