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How To Create A Maple Leaf In Adobe Illustrator

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Shape creation is the basic concept of any Design work! If you have a simple design sense, you can create any shapes in a white paper, but if you want to create the same things in Adobe Illustrator, you must need to know about the underlying shape creation techniques in Adobe Illustrator. Here, I am going to show you how to create Maple Leaf with Adobe Illustrator.

Process: Maple leaf is a critical shape with many edges. Not only for Adobe Illustrator, but it is also hard to draw with a pen or pencil. So here I first create an ellipse shape and then pointed the edge to sharpen it. Then, I copy the shape to create some custom leaves and unite them to get the final result. Here is the final shape, that we are going to create now!

Create A Maple Leaf In Adobe Illustrator

Tools I use to create these shapes:

1. Adobe Illustrator CC.

Now watch the full Tutorial to Create A maple leaf with Adobe Illustrator.

Learn how to create a maple leaf in Adobe Illustrator?

By following these process you can create any interesting leaves and trees in Adobe Illustrator. We are planning to share plenty of tutorials that are useful for beginners. And once you become familiar with the shape creation process, you will find your own way to create stunning graphics.

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