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How to Create Image Reflection and Drop Shadow in Illustrator

Make a Mask from Transparency Option

Creating Image reelection and drop shadow in Adobe Illustrator is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. If you know this technique for Adobe Photoshop, you can easily apply it in Adobe Illustrator. A reflective object like glass, finely polished object, or water always creates image reflection. Luckily, you can create a reflective image using Photoshop to add some spices to your Image/Graphics.

But, creating a reflection for a vector image is not easy. Because it is not a single shape. Most of the time, a vector image manipulate by a group of the image. So how can you create the reflection from a vector image? In this video, I’m trying to answer this question that how to create a vector image reflection and drop shadow both in Adobe Illustrator.

You can easily view the video below. But, I am going to mention a shortcut instruction for the people who love to read the written tutorial.

Step-1. Make A Group:

Grouping the whole vector image after creating it so you can select it with a single click. To make a Group hold the shift key and select the full picture. You can also do it with cntrl+A. After picking the whole image right click on the mouse and a select group from the popup menu.

Make a group

Step-2. Copy and paste to the front:

Copy the image and paste it to the front by ctrl+F. Drag the copied image under the main image.

Step-3. Create a horizontal Reflect:

Now create a horizontal reflect from object > transform > reflect. Make sure that you only select the copied image before doing it.

Step-4. Create a rectangle with a gradient fill:

Now cover the reflected shape with a Gradient fill.

Cover the reflection using Gradient tool

Step-5. Create a Clipping Mask:

This time you need to create a clipping mask selecting the upper and lower shape. And you will get the final result. Decrease or increase the color opacity to suited the reflective image with the background.

Make a Mask from Transparency Option

Congratulations! You are just making a reflective vector image.

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