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How to Use Google Calendar for Blogging Schedule

Using Google Calendar to organize your blogging schedule is a smart way to keep everything coordinated and accessible. In this article, we will show how you can manage and sort your everyday blogging activities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set it up and manage your blogging schedule effectively:

1. Create a New Calendar

  • Open Google Calendar.
  • On the left side, click on the “+” next to “Other calendars.”
  • Select “Create new calendar.”
  • Give a name to your calendar (e.g., “SEO Blogging Calendar”).
  • Describe if desired, and set the appropriate time zone.
  • Click “Create a calendar.”

2. Add Blog Post Entries

  • Click on a date and time to add an event (in this case, a blog post).
  • Enter the title of the blog post as the event title.
  • In the description box, you can add details such as the key points, target keywords, the author, and the status (e.g., researching, writing, editing).
  • Adjust the time to reflect when the post will be published or when you plan to work on it.

3. Set Reminders

You can set reminders for each blog post event to notify you ahead of the deadline. You can edit the event and add an email or notification before your main tasks.
Google Calendar’s reminder feature is highly flexible. You can choose between email reminders or pop-up notifications and set them for a time that suits your workflow. This ensures you stay on track with your blogging tasks, whether it’s a week or just a few days before the deadline.

4. Use Color Coding

  • Utilize different colors for different content types or post-creation stages. For example:
    • Red for deadlines.
    • Blue for draft stages.
    • Green for published posts.
  • This makes it visually easy to track the status of each post at a glance.

5. Recurring Events for Regular Tasks

  • You can set these as recurring events if you have regular tasks (e.g., weekly SEO news roundup).
  • Choose to repeat (daily, weekly, monthly) when creating the event.

6. Share Your Calendar

  • If you work with a team, you can share the calendar with them.
  • Click “Settings and sharing” from the three dots beside the calendar’s name.
  • Under “Share with specific people,” add the email addresses of your team members and set the appropriate permissions.

7. Integrate with Other Tools

  • You can integrate Google Calendar with other tools you use for blogging, like Trello or Slack, using third-party apps or plugins. These tools will help to streamline your workflow and keep your team aligned.

8. Review and Adjust

  • Regularly review your calendar to adjust for any changes in your content strategy or publishing frequency.
  • Use Google Calendar’s “Year view” or “Schedule view” to get a broader overview of your blogging activities and plan accordingly.

By setting up your blogging calendar in Google Calendar, you can maintain a clear, organized schedule that ensures consistent content creation and publication. It’s also an effective way to keep your team informed and aligned with the content strategy.

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